Traditional, Complementary and Alternative Medicine

There are many misconceptions about traditional, complimentary and alternative medicine, including the purpose it serves and the people it helps. In today’s blog we answer some common questions.

1) What are some of the different treatments and therapies that are available? What are the most popular? Why do you think this is? 

Breath and Health Alternative Medical Centre, a leading alternative medical centre in Dubai, was formed on the principle that a healthy mind and body are fundamental to achieving a healthier and happier life. The treatments we offer cater to both. We have therapists who specialise in physiological and psychological therapies to balance both the body and mind. Our medical and spa treatments in Dubai  are popular with clients looking for a holistic approach to healing.

Overall, we are seeing more people taking a holistic approach to wellness, and seeking out treatment that addresses both the body and mind. We are seeing a sharp increase in Ayurvedic treatments, including specialised Ayurvedic massage treatments, and these have become our most popular therapies. Ayurveda can successfully treat a number of ailments such as stress, obesity, depression, hormonal imbalances, and muscle and joint problems. With Dubai’s competitive and fast-paced business culture, these issues are all too common. We have also seen an increase in people exploring physiotherapy for chronic or complicated physiological issues. Our clinic is lucky to have one of the only physiotherapists in Dubai who is trained in scar tissue release therapy, which helps break down scar tissue, like C-section and mastectomy scars, to restore mobility and functionality. Because of our holistic approach, we attract a wide range of clients, from CEO’s, entrepreneurs, teachers, artists, new and expecting mothers, and children as young as five years of age. The uniting factor is the desire to find wellness by treating the body and mind together.

2) Why do you think that ‘alternative medicine’ is experiencing such a surge in popularity in the UAE? 

There’s a growing understanding that maintaining health and wellness is vital, and people increasingly understand that the body and mind must work together to provide optimal wellbeing. Many people coming to our clinic have had chronic conditions such as migraines, chronic back pain and chronic fatigue. After unsuccessfully exploring more conventional options, they have turned towards alternative medicine and successfully found solutions to their problems.

Organic and natural food, as well as natural organic skincare products (we are partners with Herbal Essentials) are increasingly popular, the longevity and health benefits that regular exercise provide are well known. People want to know exactly what they are putting in their bodies and are actively avoiding substances that will have a detrimental effect to their long-term health. This mentality also applies to medicine and supplements.

Alternative medicine and traditional medicine in UAE uses natural, non-toxic elements that work in harmony with your body. Medication and treatments, such as in Ayurveda, can be administered with minimal side effects, unlike many treatments within conventional medicine. As mentioned before alternative medicine takes into account the whole body and the power of natural remedies to restore balance within the patient. These core principles resonate with the values, beliefs, and philosophy towards health and life of the UAE’s modern and cosmopolitan population.

3) What sort of regulations exist for alternative medicines in UAE? Are there guidelines from DHA and the Ministry of Health? 

The DHA and Ministry of Health strictly regulate alternative medicines, practitioners, and therapists to protect the public. Alternative medicine practitioners and therapists must pass the Ministry of Health exam for their respective field and obtain a DHA license in order to practice in Dubai. Additionally, alternative medicines are regularly tested and monitored by authorities to ensure safety and that there are no false or exaggerated claims being made.

4) Do you still find that people have misconceptions about these practices? Are there any common misconceptions? 

People now have a far better understanding of alternative medicine and how it can benefit their health. But there are still a few skeptics out there.

One of the biggest misconceptions may be of our industries own making – the name ‘alternative medicine.’  This has led some to believe that this form of treatment is a substitute or a replacement for conventional medicine. The two forms of medicine are not mutually exclusive. A more accurate name is ‘traditional medicine’ or ‘complementary medicine.’ The two can work hand in hand to give patients the best level of care. If you should ever be unfortunate enough to experience a serious injury, a conventional hospital is always the best place to receive treatment. However, once you are in the process of recovery, alternative medicine can help heal the mental scars that resulted from the injury as well as being able to provide treatments that can assist with pain and accelerate the recovery process, something that many doctors themselves confirm.

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