True to its tradition, after an hour of being thoroughly worked on by Breath and Health´s resident contortionist, we feel noticeably more relaxed. A genuine weight (or knot) is lifted from our reviewer´s deadline-strewn shoulders.

Time Out Dubai

The staff were very kind and the venue itself was very peaceful and calming. Lots of plants around… I loved it!

Luvena Rangel / Meetup

The service was worth it. I had 3 different treatments 4 hours all in all. I have never had my body fully exfoliated to the extent they go.

Lulu Agadier / Yadig

Relaxing, rejuvenating and highly effective in flattening my stomach to its pre pregnancy state the Breath and Health post natal massage package was fabulous! I feel it helped immensely in my post-delivery recovery and provided the perfect opportunity for a precious, much needed hour of “me” time. The therapist was highly experienced and really seemed to have a healing touch. My daughter enjoyed the baby massages and would quite literally sleep “like a baby” afterwards.

Hana Arfin / English Language Teacher , Eton Institute

I don´t usually write reviews, but felt I just had to as the treatment was such bliss. Making an appointment at Breath and Health was the best thing I could have done! My massage was out of this world. I felt that I was transported to a 7th heaven. My therapist was so polite and kind. I usually have to tell other therapists to go a “bit higher” and to massage in a particular way. What was amazing was that she knew exactly the right areas where I felt pain. The fact that I didn´t tell her, in which areas I felt I needed more attention, was the best bit. I could just totally switch off, and yet was getting exactly what I needed. (p.s. The ambience, aroma and music really helps set the mood!!)

Madiha Alam / Director of Asian Equity Sales, Daiwa Capital Markets Europe

After several sessions of electromagnetic therapy at Breath and Health I found this non-invasive, drug-free form of treatment very beneficial. It was used to help my circulation and to reduce edema. The treatment was also helpful in the reduction of chronic pain and after each session I found that my mobility had increased. I also experienced more restful sleep and an increase in general well-being. I would certainly recommend this alternative form of therapy

Sandy O’ Brien

Just wanted to thank you very much for the service. I received at your clinic!For someone who never did a colonic irrigation before, your kindness and attentiveness was comforting and reassuring. The experience itself was not painful at all, I just felt a slight (very slight)discomfort! I felt amazing after the session and even more two hours later.I would most certainly return!Thank you again!

Mimi Sonny

Life is a beautiful journey filled with teachings through experience.One of these has been my visit to your center……My visit at the center was very joyful and exciting……I am very thankful for treating me and for the wonderful journey of healing that you put me through.

Matina Tsolomiti Snyder

I have been a client of Breath and Health for over a year now and I am grateful for having been introduced to the center as it really impacted my life in the most positive way. When I first started I was an exhausted mess – stressed by overtime in my new business and muscle aches caused by tension. The mental exhaustion combined with the physical exertion was just too much to handle. After my first assessment with the therapists I felt somehow relieved without even being treated! The empathy they had for my situation combined with realistic and natural treatment plans sounded perfect for me. I underwent 1 full week of Herbal Bag massages and Shirodhara treatments (oil softly dripped on the forehead) and 3 weeks of natural Ayurveda supplement treatments. The results were unbelievable. Not only did I feel relaxed overall but I was sleeping better, my skin was softer (a nice surprise!) and I felt mentally “clear”. I looked forward to my therapist´s friendly smile and understanding approach each day – she really pampered me in an almost motherly way. The atmosphere is so comforting, like coming home to family who cares for you. As an Expat with a busy lifestyle, it´s the exact thing I need to balance me. I sincerely thank the whole team for their dedication and making me feel like “me” again.

Carla Conte / Creative Director, Brand Creative

I recently vacationed in Dubai and during my visit I had the pleasure to receive the most relaxing and stress relieving massage from Breath and Health. I suffer from severe hip fracture pain after a car accident in 2008 so I am very cautious when having anyone treat my body pains. The Breath and Health team truly cared about my needs in the utmost sensitive and personal manner. From pressure preferences to specific movements during the massage, my therapist knew what was right for me and left me feeling assured and relaxed. The center itself is wonderful and multi-sensory – the smells of lavender and eucalyptus in the reception were so soothing that I decided to purchase the oils from the retail area to bring home! My 1 hour treatment was then accompanied by tea and water in a peaceful tranquility room. I left feeling refreshed and amazing for days! Thank you – I promise to return on my next trip!

Mary Grace Zagol

I had a consultation to figure out my constituent or dosha to customise the oils to be used.I was led into a warm low-lit room for a 75 min herbal bag massage. The therapist worked the kniks out of my stiff neck and shoulders. It was a tad painful but I knew, I was in experts hands by the way she worked on me gently yet firmly.This was followed by heated herbal pouches being patted all over to release the muscle tension. By the end of 75 min my body was absolutely invigorated, yet my mind was relaxed.

The next part was a 45 min of Shiro Dhara, about 6 litres of warm medicated oil trickles through your forehead to mentally relax you.

I got about 11 hours of uninterrupted sleep later and my body felt recharged the next morning.

Asma Merchant / Awakenings Magazine

Breath & Health is my saving grace in Dubai. I travel a lot for my job and a massage with my therapist get me get over jetlag much quicker. Plus the tea after the massage is divine. I absolutely love Breath & Health. My parents can´t wait to come back to visit to also get massages. They got hooked last year during their vacation! Thanks for always making me feel welcome:-)

Anne-Elizabeth / Emirates Airline

I Suffered a leg muscle strain sustained whilst out on a morning run. For about three weeks I was limping as a result, and frustrated about not being able to exercise. Tim, the managing Director, advised me to try one of Breath and Health´s sport massages to see if it could help my calf injury. Genuinely, I was running again within 48 hrs of the massage. I have had no further problems with my legs since and I will now be using massage at Breath & Health, as part of my exercise/recovery regime.

Mark Reed / General Manager, Arabian Pacific Travel & Tourism LLC

I tried the 3 day detox program and it was excellent. I can see how good the benefits are for my health, So I will be back again. Colon Hydrotherapy should be done by everyone. It is so important for your health.

After 6 years of looking for a great massage in Dubai, I finally found it. I will not be looking anywhere else.

Kathryn Ferguson / Emirates Airlines

I am very happy with the manage services provided at Breath & Health. My therapist is excellent and really understands my needs and body pain each time.

Reception staff are always very helpful and I like the fact that they called me when I had not booked an appointment for some time, to follow up.

Tania Browne

Travelling for a month and getting a few days rest to travel again and spend majority of the time walking and running to catch a train or tube can be very taxing specially if you have been privileged enough to be living in Dubai where a car can be a luxury but has become more of a necessity or perhaps a way of life.

The lack of exercise obviously did not help as by the time I am back in Dubai, my body is just giving up on me. That´s where the Breath & Health comes as a big help as the team are fully trained, very professional and caring that they understand your body and where your aches and pains are.

“Since I started visiting Breath and Health my therapist has not waiver in ensuring that he provides the very best service. After talking to him about how heavy I feel, he started working on my body and after 1 and 1/2 hours, I am a new me!

I have been visiting the establishment and perhaps this testimonial is long overdue but surely is never too late as I felt that as you spend more time visiting Breath & Health, you feel more and more valued and that´s what loyalty it all about.

Thank you very much and well done Breath and Health.

Leon Salinel / Director of Sales & Marketing, Media One Hotel

As soon as I saw the bright red front door and took a step inside, I felt my whole body immediately relax and I instantly knew that I was exactly where I needed to be. From the minute I walked in, everyone at the center was very welcoming. I loved their effervescent personalities and nurturing style. The ambiance at the center is beautiful, inviting and very cozy.

The therapist who did my facial was amazing. Her gentle warmth, gifted touch and reflexology made me feel like I was in the very best of hands. I completely felt at ease with her and she gave me the best head and neck massage during the facial. I loved the products used, all of them were organic – exactly what my skin needed! It was a truly decadent experience and now my face radiates for days!

I look forward to coming back again and again for more. I wholeheartedly recommend Breath & Health to anyone who is looking for an unforgettable experience.

Zainab Ahmed

Breath and Health is the perfect place to unwind. During my last visit to Dubai, I had a Foot Reflexology Massage and was extremely pleased with the entire process. The treatment itself is comforting thanks to its wholesome, non-medical approach – which was further emphasised by the therapist´s nurturing touch. After enquiring about my needs, she briefly explained the procedure and which acupressure points she would focus on to help alleviate my discomfort. The hour was blissful.

Although the massage focused on my feet, my entire body felt revived and my mind was clear and calm. I had to wait at Breath and Health for my ride, but I did not mind in the least as it gave me a chance to enjoy a refreshing cup of green tea and relax in the calming vibe of the centre.

I´d love a Breath and Health in Muscat – I´m yet to find such an affordable and effective healing centre with such a genuinely caring staff.

Noor Hyder / Y Magazine, Oman
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