Scar Tissue Release Physiotherapy Dubai

Are you ready to break up with your scar tissue?

Our bodies are made up of countless layers that usually slide smoothly past each other, allowing us to move freely and without pain. To see this in action, rest your fingertips on the back of your hand and move the skin from side to side. Notice how the skin slides over the veins, tendons, bones, etc. This sliding happens with every movement you make, every beat of your heart. But injuries, surgery, and radiation therapy negatively affect these layers. As wounds heal, protein fibres form, creating scar tissue. Layers can then get stuck together preventing easy movement and causing pain.

Reading this, you might think you’re scar-free. But you’ve forgotten about your belly button: the first scar! Those of us with injury and post-surgical scars know that scar formation is a natural and an essential part of the healing process. Protein fibres are laid down by the body to repair a wound, and a chemical is released to make the fibres contract and pull together to close the wound. It’s an amazing repair system, but sometimes the scar itself can become a problem. Scars over the belly, like those from a C-section or appendix surgery, can cause cramping and bloating, constipation, back pain, or even neck pain. Scarring from knee surgery can interfere with normal walking patterns and eventually lead to foot problems and hip or lower back pain. Even the scars you don’t see, called adhesions, can cause long-term problems such as chronic headaches from whiplash. If you have a problem that’s been bothering you for a long time and nobody has been able to help, think for a moment about any scars that might be contributing to your situation. It doesn’t matter how old your scar is, with scar release therapy, it’s still possible to get those layers sliding again.

Thankfully, with the help of physiotherapy exercises and a physiotherapist trained in scar release therapy, you don’t have to live in Dubai with the pain and lack of movement caused by scars any longer.  At Breath and Health Alternative Medical Centre, we are the exclusive providers of scar release therapy in Dubai.  If you have a scar or adhesion limiting your enjoyment of life, stop by our clinic to see how you can decrease your pain and increase your mobility with scar release therapy.

Our Expert


Physiotherapist & Connective Tissue Specialist

Jocelyn is a qualified physiotherapist, specialising in connective tissue, scar treatment, and abdominal organs and incorporating new techniques to treat long-standing problems. She works with clients to carefully assess and treat the body as a whole, which can help reduce scars, treat old injuries or lingering pain, and relieve acid reflux, bloating and other symptoms of an irritated digestive system. Unlike many physiotherapists, Jocelyn focuses on gentle adjustments, working with the body rather than against it.

Jocelyn earned her BSc in Physiotherapy at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, graduating with a Distinction in 2009. She welcomes opportunities to use her unique skill-set to help those in pain obtain relief and live their best life with optimal health.

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