Ayurvedic Treatments in Dubai: What you need to know

Ayurveda has a number of specialised therapies. They focus on curing disease and strengthening the immune system, helping to prevent illness and promote long term wellbeing. Ayrurvedic treatments are strongly rooted in ancient tradition and each treatment is referred to a patient based on their individual requirements.


 Abhyangam is an Ayurvedic massage oil. It’s an integral part of a regular Ayurvedic routine. It promotes overall health and well-being, relieves fatigue, provides stamina, and improves sleep; enhancing the complexion and luster of your skin.

Head Massage

Using special Ayurvedic herbal oils, a head massage encourages healthy hair growth, removes dandruff and prevents hair fall. It also reduces headaches and of course, is really relaxing.


Kizhi is based around a massage with medicinal herbs. The herb bundle is dipped in warm oil and massaged all over the body. It’s particularly effective for chronic back pain, rheumatic complaints and other pain and swelling in the joints. It stimulates and strengthens the nervous systems, increasing circulation and the metabolic rate, helping to reduce stiffness and pain.


This therapeutic procedure involves pouring lukewarm medicated oil all over the body. The oil is poured rhythmically and is accompanied by a gentle massage. This treatment is effective for reducing the effects of arthritis, paralysis, weakness of the muscular and nervous systems, and for maintaining healthy skin.


The Sirodhara treatment again involves special medicated oil that flows in a continuous stream over the upper part of the forehead that promotes mental relaxation. Not only does it soothe ailments connected to the nervous system, it is also a powerful treatement for emotional problems. Sirodhara is highly effective at treating depression, anxiety, insomnia and memory loss.


Nasya is a purification treatment, enhancing the function of your eyes, nose, and ears as well as strengthening the neck and shoulders. It is very effective in the treatment of sinusitis, nasal congestion, dental issues, ear and eye disease, facial paralysis, migraines and cervical spondylosis.

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